The Product

I will introduce to you what my brain is capable of, which might be useful to your company. Please find some of the details below.

Highly Creative

how it works

I can show you in a few easy steps how the system works.

You Hire Me

Before everything else, if you think that I am the one who is going to help you on your goals, you must hire me on the first place.


Now is the time where you show me your ideas so we can discuss it. Once agreed, I'll start to get my hands dirty.

Yay! Done.

We did it, you are now a proud owner of a product generated by my brain.

The Benefits

If you still are uncertain about buying my brain services, let me add a few topics that can help you on your decision.

Proudly Portuguese

Like all Portuguese people, we are Jack's of all trades, but in my case modestly speaking, master of all.

Marketing Master

Handling all kinds of marketing stuff for the past few years, I can literally shoot your business to the stars.

Security First

Your security is my no.1 priority. As a White Hat Hacker for the past 15 years, I'm pretty sure that I can handle it.

Innovative Ideas

Be amazed with what an Out Of The Box brain can do for you or your company.

Save Your Money

I can assure you that I'll be cheaper than most companies offering the same services.

Customer Friendly

With background experience on High End Buildings and as Public Relations, your beloved customers will be treated just right.

What can i do for you

Please find below some of the things that I can accomplish for you.


Do you want a simple website or blog? Or do you want to go the extra mile? I'll do it.

Photography Editing

Mastering Photoshop and other tools for 15 years, should be enough for your needs.


You already got everything setup, but you're looking for someone to manage your online store or databases? Well, you found it.


Flyers, Posters or even Business Cards, I can do whatever suits you.

Digital Marketing

Do you own a Facebook page and want a new cover? Or do you want just some banners to spread your company name over the web? I'll do it.

Security Breaches

Specialist in Online and Physical security breaches, give me a shout if you are concerned about something not being secure enough.

the story

Here’s a roadmap of my product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to this present day.


i was born. yey!
2006 - 2009

Science & Technology Degree

Finish my degree at AEFP schools ( back in Portugal, with an EQF level 5.

2011 - 2013

Public Relations

PR at Lovely Choices Group, where they owned massive clubs and discos. Some of them could get up 4000 people on the same night at the same time.


Security Guard Training

Training taken at Segurinfo (, one of the best schools in Portugal. They can go up to three months of intensive training, either mental or physical.


Designer, PR Manager

& Bouncer

Seems like I went quite busy here.
I worked over the summer for the Living Opera Club, doing everything related to designing and printing all sort of stationaries for each night. All the PR's and Marketing were controlled by me. Plus when the night finally arrives, I had to become one of the bouncers.

flight to london


As first job on the big city, I've joined the Bistro 1 Restaurants team. Quite famous in London with branches in places like Covent Garden and Soho.

2015 - 2016


Probably the highest point of my carreer on the security field where I've achieved more than 2000 hours at Claibon. Which is a Property Management company who sent me all over London, mostly High-Ended residential buildings.


People i've came across with

During the past proccess I'd the pleasure either met or work directly with the entities shown below.

Geoffrey Rush

Actor and Film Producer

Tony Shalhoub

Actor and Film Producer

Armie Hammer


Anish Kapoor


Donald MacKenzie

F1 Chairman

Lord Michael Forsyth

British Politician

Luis Alvarez

British Telecom CEO

John Prescott

British Politician

Riaz Shah

One Degree Academy Chairman

Sarosh Zaiwalla


Baroness O'Cathain

British Politician

Luis Mateus

LR - Health & Beauty Iberian Peninsula Chairman

That's it?

No! I've more interesting facts about me.
Being a Freelancer Designer & Web-Developer for more than 10 years, made me work with/for companies such as:

Parliament House

With 160 hours and counting working at PH as Concierge, this High End building in central London features the highest quality and most desirable designer names throughout, each apartment in Parliament House is designed and built to the finest, most exquisite details, individually selected for engineering excellence.

Battersea Reach

Performing 192 hours at Battersea Reach which is one of London's most prestigious residences with exceptional lifestyle and breathtaking views. Counting with more than 1000 flats and more than 3000 people, makes Battersea Reach one of the most massive sites in London.


Don’t take my word. See what they say about me.
I've more than 30 experts that had agreed to be used as a reference.

I am sure he is more than capable fulfilling any company’s expectations.

I work at Samsung for more than 15 years now and to be honest, I've never seen someone like Alex.

Not just a great coder, a great mind.

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at my full detailed tech specs.

Web Languages

Web Plataforms


Operating Systems

Timekeeper as Concierge